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NIRFOL (propofol) Injection BP 1% 20 mL. vial NIRFOL-propofol, propofol, propofol-mexico
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NIRFOL (propofol) 20mL vial (10mg per mL) Injectable Emulsion by ACULIFE Labs - Intravenous, nonbarbiturate anestheticUsed for induction and maintenance of anesthesia and sedation of mechanically ventilated adult patients in the intensive care unitInduces anesthesia as quickly as thiopental with more rapid emergence 20 mL 1% Vial, Single Patient Use Only Each mL of emulsion contains:Propofol I.P. 20 mgIn vehicle containing: Soybean Oil I.P.,Purified Lecithin, Glycerol I.P., Disodium...