PROPOFOL Global Demand

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It’s no secret hospitals have a limited amount of ventilators, but a bigger concern is the potential to run out of propofol, the most reliable way to sedate patients on a ventilator, said Dr. David Dunkle, president and CEO of Johnson Memorial Health.

Local hospital officials worry the county’s medical center could run out of a drug that’s needed for patients who are on ventilators.

Propofol is a short-acting drug used to sedate patients when they need to be put on a ventilator. With the rapid spread of COVID-19, a potentially deadly respiratory illness that has infected more than 2,000 Hoosiers in two weeks, doctors expect they’ll need to use several ventilators as patients’ lungs begin to fail.

“That’s a little scary to think that it might not be the number of ventilators you have, but the number of drugs you have,” he said.

There are other drugs that can be used for sedation if hospitals do run out, but propofol is the best option for those on a ventilator.

*Emily Ketterer is a news reporter at the Daily Journal covering Greenwood and state issues.

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