Since inception in 1978 Rx Medical Warehouse has been a global distributor and supplier of pharmaceuticals into Latin America. 

As a division of Pan American Exports, Rx Medical Warehouse  has supplied government health agencies, hospitals, private clinics, physicians and their patients across Latin America; from Mexico to Cape Horn, Chile and all points in-between. We've supplied thousands upon thousands of brand and generic pharmaceutical molecules into Latin America.  As a Global Export company, located on Galveston Island, Tx, we've focused and specialized on supplying pharmaceutical products for pharmaceutical distributors and importers throughout Latin America for over 40 years.  

Rx Medical Warehouse maintains contracted warehouse facilities in Texas, London-United Kingdom, Mexico, Mumbai-India, Colon-Panama and Sharja/Dubai-UAE.  Our experience in regards to sourcing, supplying and exporting pharmaceuticals is 2nd to none; as our reputation for brilliant service and commitment to customer needs and satisfaction in the Latin American region speaks for itself.

Our convenient online drug portal allows you to search for American NDC Drugs or Mexico Licensed Drugs; 
over 100,000 prescription medicines which we have access to.  Our database helps save you time as we offer you a one-stop shopping experience for Brand, Generic, Plasma, Biologic and Specialty Cancer Medicines. 
Our niche is in the knowledge that we are able to supply you the brand and generic pharmaceutical product when others can't. We do this by leveraging our global purchasing power and strong relationships with drug manufacturers and global distributors.

We help your pharmacy leverage our immense ordering power, strong relationships with drug manufacturers and drug export distribution services which in-turn reduce your drugs costs - and optimize your clinical, hospital and governmental financial performance on a variety of prescription drugs.

*We Can Supply You When Other's Can't

Managing Director

Dr. Gp Cohen, managing director of Pan American Exports and its pharmaceutical subsidiary Rx Medical Warehouse; since inception.

About The Staff

An experienced staff of eight (8) associates, not employees but shared director associates, two licensed pharmacists and one chemist. Each individual member having over 20 years of pharmaceutical sourcing and exporting experience in the global pharmaceutical industry. 

About The Board

As a privately held entity, our board consists of our managing director, senior staff and a legal law firm; having vast experience in the field of Pharmaceutical Licensing, Exporting, Parallel Trading, Labeling and the experience in dealing with FDA, Cofepris and MHRA amongst other country's health agencies.


We've made a name for ourselves by being able to source medicinal molecules for our Latin American clients when others could not. We'll continue this motto as it has severed us well.  Thus hopefully your final stop will be with Rx Medical Warehouse Exports Pharmaceuticals Division. When it comes to importing, exporting, shipping and distribution of medical devices and pharmaceuticals; we've just about seen it all, making our organization all the more professional in:

  • Ethical Sourcing 
  • Efficacy in Supply
  • Confirmed & Secured GMP Supply Chain
  • Certified Cold Chain 


In 1978, Rx Medical Warehouse opened its doors in an old fishing warehouse in Galveston Island, Texas and soon after, another in Vallarta, Mexico and began exporting medical and pharmaceutical molecules into Latin America; sourcing from USA, India, EU, UK and Japan.  We still recall, back in the late 70's of having to run to the local telegram office in order to receive Telegrams via Telex machines from our global and Latin American clients.  We have a grand plan to provide products and services in the areas of global medical procurement throughout Latin America; When Others Can't.  We continue those ideas and values today.